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Its easy to understand whats going on with your money.

It is not a secret that from time to time we all ask a question, where were all my money spent?

X-Budget it easy to use user-friendly solution which will help you to account all your expenses and income, will help you to find out when , where and how your money were spent as well as is your budget well-balanced.

Mobile Application was released!

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Why X-budget?

Customizable categories

Add, change, delete - do whatever you want. There is no any restriction to categories.

Customized types of reports

Several types of simple table reports along with complex excel-style tables show you the whole picture of your financial situation

Analysis and recommendations

Data visualization with help of set of necessary charts will make the picture truly vivid and full of life

X-budget in your phone

We have released the mobile application for Android. Now saving money is more easy then before!